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President Jaquemet Andrea



Prerequisites for a breeding license


Evidence of the genotype of the presented dog with regard to the following eye diseases must be available at ZTP:

prcd-PRA (progressive rod cone degeneration), pcrd4/cord1-PRA (cone rod dystrophy 4)

Evidence of the genotype of the presented dog regarding the following hereditary factors for the coat and coat color must be available for the ZTP:

a) Furnishing (RSPO2 gene)

b) Dilution (MLPH-GEN)

c) Merle (SILV gene)

   Carriers may only be mated with demonstrably free partners


   PL Patella Luxation Examination


The following points are considered to be fundamentally excluded from breeding and the granting of a breeding license:

a) overbite, crossbite

b) strong underbite

c) Absence of more than two incisors

d) Height at the withers of more than 28 cm

e) weight at ZTP of more than 5 kg

f) weight at ZTP less than 2 k

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Mission statement Bolonka Zwetna

breeding suitability requirements

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