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Westie Club President Annamaria Wilhelm 

Anna Maria Wilhelm

Swiss Dream Westie breed

8536 Huttwilen (TG)

Tel: 077 403 9553


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National Show Judge Test for Westies, Scottie 1998
National Show Judge Supplement: Group 3, 5, 9 (1990-2009)
EU certificate: Groomer - EU dog hairdresser 2006
Professional breeder school
International Judge Tests for Terriers (Group 3) 2009
Professional breeder certificate, Switzerland 2014 (FBA training)
4 x Golden Master Breeder titles 2009



Mandatory examinations:


  • Patellar Luxation : Westies with bilateral PL grade 0 may be used for breeding without restrictions. Breeding requirements apply to Westies with bilateral PL grade 1. This means they may only be bred to a Westie with PL grade 0. Westies with PL grades 2, 3 and 4 are excluded from breeding.


  • CMO test (Laboklin or Professor Drögenmüller - Bern University) Westies with TYPE 0 may be used for breeding without restrictions. TYPE 1 Westie may only be bred to a TYPE 0 Westie. Westies with TYPE 2 are excluded from breeding.


Breeding disqualifying faults:


  • Underbite, underbite, pincer bite

  • Missing incisors

  • kinked tail

  • color error

  • lop ears

  • Soft Coat (Woolie), Curly Coat

  • Height at the withers less than 25.5 cm  or more than 12 inches


Males must have 2 palpably normally developed testicles that are fully descended into the scrotum.


A phenotype assessment is required for breeding approval.


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Annamaria Wilhelm

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