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Prerequisites for a breeding license

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With the breeder package, many breed-relevant DNA analyzes can be carried out for your dog using a single DNA test. In this way we can help you to prevent genetic diseases in your offspring. With this DNA analysis, you will receive breed-specific results that are often required for breeding. Technological advances make it possible to combine different disease-causing genetic markers in just one test. The examination can be carried out at any age.

DNA tests for all poodles

Klick drauf

DNA breeder package at LABOKLIN (poodle package)

​The package contains the following DNA tests:

Degenerative myelopathy exon 2 (DM, severe progressive nerve disease with gene localization on exon 2, leads to paralysis of the hind limbs), neonatal encephalopathy (NEWS; malformation of the cerebellum leads to epilepsy, life expectancy puppies 8 weeks), progressive retinal atrophy (prcd-PRA; progressive eye disease, leading to blindness), progressive retinal atrophy (rcd4-PRA, progressive eye disease, leading to blindness) and von Willebrand disease type I (vWD 1; blood clotting disorder).


PL (patellar dislocation examination)


Testicular control in males (cryptorchidism)

for standard poodles 

HD (hip dysplasia)

ED (elbow dysplasia)

üGW (transition vortex)

behavioral assessment 

form value

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