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Unsere Ziele

     We offer you:


  1. Advice, guidance and support in keeping dogs, breeding and raising puppies.

  2. Support in stud dog and puppy mediation

  3. Free delivery of our dressing booklet 

  4. Website on the respective club website and the SRZ

  5. Elegant 4 generations pedigree with hologram (forgery-proof) with accompanying folder

  6. Our goal: pedigree dog breeding, health and preservation of the breed

  7. Our motto is: “Together and for each other”

  8. Motivated members are very welcome


Our goal is to strengthen the positive relationship between dog and human and with each other

Support and breeding, education and training within a serious framework, you in this

To support experience: technically sound, cynologically well thought out and in positive cooperation, that is our task.   


Further goal:

With responsibility to continue the breed clean and not just to produce puppies and these to

offer to buy. It is not only about the purity of the breed, but also that the genes as well as the

breed-typical characteristics of the pedigree dog are passed on in order to get pedigree dogs that correspond to the standard.

However, this is only possible with the help of a recognized breeding association such as the Swiss Dog Breeding Association SRZ.



En francais


Bienvenue à l'Association d'élevage de chien Suisse SRZ

Fondée en 1988 avec de longues années d'expérience et qui se tient depuis 1976 aux côtés de l'UCI.


Nous vous offers:


1. Conseils, orientation, soutien dans la tenue d'un chien, reproduction et élevage des chiots.

2. Appui à l'étalon - placements des chiots

3. Distribution gratuite de the brochure de notre association l'UCI

4. Publication Internet on the site Web de l'association ainsi que de la SRZ

5. Elegant Pedigree s'étendant sur 4 generations

6. Notre but: Reproduction et preservation des chiens de races, santé

7. Notre  motivation: "la cooperation et la collaboration"

8. Les membres motivés sont les bienvenus



An autre de nos objectifs est de enforcer une relation positive entre le chien et l'humain. Avec soutien mutuel,

amelioration and perfectionnement in le cadre d'un élevage series and positive.  

A vos côtés avec professionnalisme pour cette expérience.

Advance with a reflexion cynologique et positivement ensemble, ceci sont nos devoirs.

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