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Results General Assembly

1.   Elections: Would you like to change members of the board?
     Elections: Souhaitez-vous changer de membre du conseil?                    0  YES     42 NO      9 included  =  NO/No


2.  Approval of the special clubs own GM
    to be allowed to carry out.
     Approval of the club spéciaux pour avoir leur propre assemblée générale      37 YES      4 NO      10 included  =  YES/Oui

3. Introduction of health certificates for each puppy
    at the time of delivery for the buyer.
    Introduction de certificats de santé pour chaque chiot pour l'acheteur           25 YES     22 NO      4 included  =  YES/Oui

4.  Introduction of mandatory weight tables from  
    Puppies from their birth (provable at litter inspections)
     Introduction de tableaux de poids obligatoires pour les chiots des la naissance   35 YES     11 no        5 included  =  YES/Oui

Please note
Forms for weight tables and health certificates for puppies can be requested from us!

Every special club that is affiliated with the SRZ can CLUBINTERN independently hold a general meeting. The protocol must be sent to the stud book office of the SRZ.

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