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Vorstand-Comité de directeur

President SRZ: Felix Ludwig Julmy


Vice President SRZ : Robert Alfred Buck-Pauli, 4656 Starrkirch Wil    




President Retriever Club (SRC/SRZ)

Doris Althaus, CH-4955 Gondiswil

HIK-1-PLUS  Dog Instructor, SKN - Instructor 

FBA breeder Subject-specific, job-independent training, breed warden



President Bulldog Club

Leveque Francoise

1406 Cronay (VD)


President Bolonka Zwetna Club

Andrea Jaquemet

3415 Hasle near Burgdorf

Phone: 079 545 73 93

President Poodle Club

Carole Wasp  

Main Street 49

4952 Eriswil

Subject-specific, job-independent training for commercial breeders of dogs BLV


Point of contact and advice for greyhounds 


Gysler Catherine

1439 Rances

Phone 077-536 63 18



stud book office:

President of the Yorkshire Terrier Club 

Brigitte Schaerer

4657 Dulliken


Alphonse Seiler

Contact point for shepherd dogs , character assessments

1969  first service dog test. Former breeder of d. Shepherd.  Dog school since 1987. 

50 years member  Swiss Cynological Association. SKG and for just as long in the Swiss Shepherd Dog Club. SV.

Character tests, licensing and breeding approvals.

Advice before and after buying a German Shepherd.

offer  for character training and education

My home page:

I take calls between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m

Phone 079 440 50 71



Breed warden: Wittek-Kubli Suzanne, 1302 Vufflens-la-Ville

(Western Switzerland)


Breed warden: Elsbeth Tromp, 8500 Frauenfeld


Breed warden: Nadja Epper, 6593 Cadenazzo (our representation in southern Switzerland-Ticino)


President Mini Aussies / breed warden: Grossrieder Carmen, 1714 Heitenried


Breed advice and information: Miniature Aussie/Miniature Americain Shepherd

Jaquemet Manuela, 3454 Sumiswald



Breed warden/licensing/breeding approvals for small breeds: 

Bolt Erika, 9010 St. Gallen

Former SKG judge, Former SKG show judge

continuing education courses


Breed warden: Müller Beatrice, 4950 Huttwil


breed warden:   Oskera Josef, 7203 Trimmis


Breed warden: Evi Wenger, 6245 Ebersecken



Cashier:  Max Ditzler, 1072 Forel/Lavaux (VD)

Treasurer: Maria Greco-Buck, Rickenbach (SO)

Assessor: Habegger E., Herzogenbuchsee (BE)

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